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Land Escapes
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The Boulevard Gardens and Yard Artistry of James Handtmann


"Minnesota gardener Jim Handtmann . . . who over nine years has transformed a rectangular flat yard in northeast Minneapolis into an eclectic Japanese-inspired garden. Jim's garden bursts from the center of his city block like a lava flow of form, texture, and color. Ample use of shrubs and small trees, combined with drastic changes in elevation throughout the property, are key to the garden's flowing, soothing, shape-oriented composition."
-- Don Engebretson, Better Homes and Gardens

"What do you get when you cross a Japanese garden with a salvage yard? You get Jim Handtmann's northeast Minneapolis lot, a blend of refined Asian garden elements set against a rugged hardscape of scavenged bricks, cobblestones and limestone."
-- Kim Palmer, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Starting in the back several years ago, Jim's garden moved to the sides and front of his home, then across the sidewalk into the little, often-neglected strip at curbside. The flower-filled boulevard garden has caused a turnaround in his neighborhood, changing it from a declining, impersonal atmosphere to one of activity and caring."
-- Home & Garden Television

Land Escapes by Jim Handtmann

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